Angal Tentara

Millions of years ago on the planet that today we call Earth. A noble civilization whose greatest strength was their lack of malice ruled the world. Wise and Just, the Pasirians lived for many generations, but they were all betrayed by their King Rumah Pengoyak. From the deepest darkest place of his heart, he planted in the Pasirian soul the seeds of jealousy and wickedness. From that moment, he brought a war upon his people that reached into the heavens. In the Valley of the Seven Fall, Montius the warrior along with the celestial armies brought the wrath of God upon the Pasirians.

When the last Pasirian fell, when the King was destroyed, just at that very moment when the sound of nothingness filled the air, the cries of a child were heard. She was born of a motherless womb, the sole survivor of the once mightiest civilization on Earth… A strange and unexpected place for the ancient Pasirian soul to find refuge.

God then ordered Montius to become her guardian. He then called out to her and named this child Angal… Angal Tentara. This is her story.