Angal Tentara is a 3 volume live-action Fantasy/Drama feature film.
The story takes place on Earth, and the events are spread over a span of 300 million years, with the main plot taking place in the near future, in a dystopian world where human’s abuse and lack of respect for the environment is to blame for the pandemic disease known as the Hunnar Syndrome, where all newborns are in a state of coma, and Humanity faces extinction.

Our journey begins millions of years ago, on the planet that today we call Earth, back when the Pasirians ruled the world. This noble civilization’s greatest strength was their lack of malice, for the Pasirians shared one soul, one soul with each other and with nature, intertwined with the Universal Balance. What one Pasirian felt, all Pasirians felt. The connection between nature and the Pasirians was so strong that it was from the tree-like creatures called Arckazians that the Pasirian babies were born. Of the Arckazians, there were seven. One for each of the six virtues; Justice, Prudence, Courage, Temperance, Benevolence, and Hope. From them, most of the Pasirians were born. But the seventh Arckazian possessed all six virtues and from this, the Pasirian King or Queen was given life. Full of wisdom and justice, the Pasirians lived for many generations, until the time of the last king, until the time of Rumah Pengoyak.

Rumah had become their most successful ruler. He led the Pasirians to great achievements in all aspects of their society and built the most astonishing monuments and cities. But as he became older and pondered over the possibility of not being able to see his vision finished, he approached the Arckazians, who had lived forever, and asked for the secret to immortality, but his request was denied. For on that day the keeper of the Universal Balance, The Angel Montius, spoke, and the word was “NO.” for Montius was The Word, and he knew no good or evil, no right or wrong. He had no knowledge of free will. He only knew balance. Montius needed only to whisper a word, and it would become a reality. Rumah didn’t get the secret for immortality. But instead, something else happened on that day. From the deepest and darkest corner of his heart, Rumah, for the first time, felt envy, and he planted in the Pasirian soul, the seeds of jealousy and wickedness. And what once had been the most significant trait of the Pasirians, became their doom, for what one Pasirian felt, all Pasirians felt. And from that moment, Rumah brought a terrible war upon his people.

In the valley of the Seven Falls, Montius and the armies of the Universal Balance brought the wrath upon the Pasirians. Finally, the last King, Rumah Pengoyak, and his people met their end. When the last Pasirian fell and destroyed was the king, at that very moment when the sounds of nothingness filled the air, the cries of a child were heard. She was born of a motherless womb, the sole survivor of the once mightiest civilization on Earth. A strange and unexpected place for this ancient Pasirian soul to find refuge. Montius was The Word, for only by speaking, his will would become a reality. Following the laws of the Universal Balance, he stared at the newly born child, and uttered the word “DIE”. The last of the Pasirians needed it to die for the balance to be restored. But then, the impossible happened. The mighty Montius fell to the ground pushed by a bright blue light that spilled from the infant’s body, and for a split moment, Montius tasted death. Upon returning to his senses, he looked upon the baby girl, who was unharmed and full of life. He then called out, naming her Angal, Angal Tentara. This is her story.