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They are Messy...

Beginnings, Endings.
Birth, Death…

Birth starts in a dark hole,
Death ends in one.
They are both surrounded by
blood and dirty-sticky fluids.
Both fill the air with cries,
Sobbings, and screams…

there’s always a way...

I’ve known this since I was born…
For the second time.
Sort of…

Angal Tentara

And the Root of All Evil

Our journey takes place throughout all of Earth history;
beginning millions of years ago, back when the Pasirians inhabited the world. Back when malice, sadness, and all that is dark had no place.
For the Pasirians shared one soul, one soul with each other and with nature, intertwined with the Universal Balance. What one Pasirian felt, all Pasirians felt.
Full of wisdom and justice, the Pasirians lived for many generations, until the time of the last king, until the time of Rumah Pengoyak. From the deepest and darkest corner of his heart, Rumah felt envy, and he planted in the Pasirian soul, the seeds of jealousy and wickedness. And what once had been the most formidable quality of the Pasirians became their doom. For what one Pasirian felt, all Pasirians felt. And from that moment, Rumah brought a terrible war upon his people. Finally, the last King, Rumah Pengoyak, and his people met their end.
When the last Pasirian fell and destroyed was the king, at that very moment, when the sounds of nothingness filled the air, the cries of a child were heard. On the lifeless grounds of the last battle, there it lay in the valley of the Seven Falls, a motherless womb. On that day, I was born for the first time. On that day, an angel gave me my name; he called me Angal, Angal Tentara.
On that day, he took me to my mother, and in her arms, I rested while been love and nourished for over 300 million years.

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