there’s always a way...

I’ve known this since I was born…
For the second time.
Sort of…

They are Messy...

Beginnings, Endings.
Birth, Death…

Birth starts in a dark hole,
Death ends in one.
They are both surrounded by
blood and dirty-sticky fluids.
Both fill the air with cries,
Sobbings, and screams…

About Angal Tentara

Millions of years ago, on the planet we call Earth, at the fields of Agros Dahkar, amid the devastation left by the Pasirian wars, somehow, life endured. And from a motherless womb, a baby girl was born; in an instant, the memories and feelings of every single Pasirian that ever lived found refuge inside her. And into this collective soul, into this child; one last emotion found existence. For on that day for the first time, a Pasirian felt remorse, and Conscience was born. The last Pasirian was then pickup by none other than the keeper of the Universal balance itself, the angel Montius, The Word. As the baby coddled in Montius wings and fell asleep. The angel spoke and named her Angal, Angal Tentara.

Time passed, and at the dawn of the twenty-first century, on the outskirts of Kathmandu in India, another baby girl was born; Despite looking healthy, the baby never opened her eyes, moved, or made a sound. Soon after, every child in Kathmandu was born the same way. Faster than any known virus, the condition spread all around the world. And as global economies crumbled and humankind found itself battling extinction; The angel Montius spoke once more, awakening humanity’s last hope, and so Angal opened her eyes after being asleep, suspended in time…
For over 300 million years.


Anyway, this is how I was born…
Sort of…

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ANGAL  “Come And Get It” Collection



ANGAL  “Come And Get It” Collection